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Allin1 Sleeve Board Pro - Standalone Unit

Allin1 Sleeve Board Pro - Standalone Unit

$299.00 Regular Price
$259.00Sale Price

The Ulitimate Hooping Tool! 

The Sleeve Board Pro is a stand alone unit that work with hard to hoop items like Sleeves, Cap Backs, Pant Legs, Collars, Cuffs, Bags and much more.

The Sleeve Board Pro has a universal bracket set that work with all hoop size and is not brand specific. Works with all sizes of tubular hoops - Round, Square, Oval and much more. Quick and easy to use!

The most cost effective device in the industry due to it's ability to work with all sizes of hoops All Hoop Bracket Included for ALL hoop sizes Placement Cards for repeat orders Never Measure Again.

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