Superior Embroidery is Possible Only with Excellent  Digitizing...


Professional Embroidery Digitizing

"Excellent embroidery begins and ends with the digitizing that is used to create the embroidery. There, I’ve said it, in print, in a national trade publication. Yes, creating great embroidery is only possible with excellent digitizing. The expression " garbage in, garbage out” applies in this industry in the truest sense."

- Jennifer Cox

Our Digitizing...

  • Highest Professional Quality

  • Quick 24-48hr Turnaround

  • Competitive Prices

  • Bundle Price / Volume Pricing

Tex Inc was featured in Printwear Magazine for our amazing digitizing quality. Click on the image above to see article 

Base Pricing

Stock lettering: $20 - $35

Simple Left Chest-Hat: $40 -$50

Complex - Detail - Blending Left Chest-Hat: $65

Jacket Back: $125

"Over the past 10 plus years, I have relied on Sal exclusively to provide me with top-notch digitizing services."     
-Gina Russon Owner American Embroidery, MO

All designs are digitized on a Wilcom system

Click on the image above to see the complete line of Wilcom Software

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